Hey there! I’m Gabrielle Alexa Noel and I’m a writer, speaker, and creative currently living in NYC. I’m always talking about sexuality, cannabis, identity, and intimate/reproductive justice.

My work has been published in Playboy, the Independent, Slate, the Huffington Post, Elle, and other platforms. You might also recognize me from videos I’ve done with comedian Summer Breeze Bedard, articles I’ve provided quotes for — like this one in Rolling Stone — or from being on the PBS show #MeToo: Now What? I play Alex in the digital series These Thems (currently in post-production). And people invite me on their podcasts sometimes! You can listen to me talking about porn, the pleasure gap, feeling sexy, and how much I hate R. Kelly discourse.

My work is about critically examining our culture and connecting with others through storytelling. But mostly, I talk about sex and other human experiences. You can find my writing portfolio here.

On Instagram, I have a community of 11,000+ people — primarily LGBTQ+ women and non-binary folks — who are passionate about pleasure. My audience is sex-positive and body-positive. Many of them are also survivors. I promote brands that empower them to be sexually liberated because from my perspective, pleasure is wellness. You can tell a lot about a society based on who is consistently awarded or denied wellness.

I’ve also done social media takeovers with other sex-positive accounts like Bellesa and Talk Tabu. I’m interested in doing more of these!

My Twitter community consists of 8300+ writers, activists, sexuality professionals, and Banks stan accounts. While I don’t typically use Twitter for brand collabs, I’m open to ideas.

In 2018, I led a discussion on porn and pleasure with erotic film director Erika Lust and The Sex Ed founder Liz Goldywn. I also discussed sexual wellness and shame at ENVSN Fest with other wellness professionals and was invited to talk about cannabis and sex at the Bowery Cannabis Club (located in the Alchemist’s Kitchen). In 2019, I partnered with Herbana Solei to organize my own event — Sex and Sativa, a vendor marketplace and panel discussion focused on pleasure.

If you’re interested in working with me and any of the above aligns with your brand, you may contact me at gabby@gabriellealexa.com.

Photography for this website thanks to Khatia Photography and Celina Dejesus.

Hess, https://writemyessay4me.org/ the director of educational policy studies for the american enterprise institute, the washington think tank that was slated to sponsor a daylong conference on the topic this week.


For any writing inquiries, brand collaboration, or speaking/hosting, you can find me at gabby [a] gabriellealexa.com!

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