5 Coding, Web Design, & Blog Resources I Can’t Live Without

April 13, 2017

As much as College taught me about coding and web design, it’s nothing compared to what I’ve learned just browsing the internet. I mean, throw it back to our Myspace days when we became HTML/CSS geniuses just to make a custom top 8 and personalize our background. That’s not the kind of thing you need a degree to master.

Knowledge of coding and markup languages can make you money, whether it’s through launching an online business or selling your media skills. If you’re not into freelancing, they can just help you create a website that you fall absolutely in love with, and who wouldn’t want that? Here are some of my favorite resources for coding, web design, blogging, and more.

Lissa Explains

This is the first place I ever learned HTML/CSS as a kid & it’s still my go-to as an adult. Keep in mind that this is a website unashamedly for children. Because of that, it breaks down the basics of HTML/CSS in a way that I think w3Schools fails to do, although I love using w3 now that I’m knowledgeable already. Here: lissaexplains.com

w3 Schools

As mentioned, w3 Schools is dope. It breaks down coding so that it’s understandable and offers tons of freebies, from layouts to quick codes. Here: w3schools.com

Khan Academy

I paid for an entire college course on Interactive Web Design just for my professor to give us this website and tell us to run wild. The ENTIRE SECTION on computer programming is life. There is an intro to HTML/CSS that is a great way to build on lissaexplains or w3schools because it uses video tutorials/practice projects to reinforce what you’ve already learned. And the courses on Javascript/JQuery make web designing more dynamic and interactive. Plus you learn how to make games and animations in JS. Seriously, you can spend months teaching yourself some amazing and marketable skills. Here: khanacademy.org

Code Academy

This is similar to Khan Academy but the focus is entirely on coding. I started learning from this website after finishing the courses on Khan Academy. Some of the content asks you to pay, but there’s enough free content to keep you busy for months, especially when paired with Khan Academy. Here: codeacademy.com

Kotryna Bass Blogging Tips/Blogging Templates

The day I found Kotryna Bass on an Instagram hashtag was the day my life changed. Her website completely shifted how I see blogging. It made my process way more intentional and motivated my official switch from Cutenews as my content management system to WordPress. If you are interested in creating a blog but haven’t started yet, check her out. If you already have a blog (especially one hosted on WordPress, Tumblr, or Blogger), check her out! Here: kotrynabass.com

by Regina

I am subscribed to every single program Regina offers, basically. This is great if you’re starting a blog or online course with the interest of monetizing it. She has changed the way I write and decide on content. She empowers the average blogger to see themselves as a brand and business. Here: byRegina.com


I learned how to code WordPress themes by buying a $10 course from here and it was pretty awesome. It’s affordable, it comes with resources, and there are some great teachers. Plus, it lets you virtually “raise your hand” to ask questions. Here: udemy.com

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