8 Things I Learned About Blogging As A Magazine Intern

April 13, 2017

As an intern at Galore, I learned a lot more than I expected to about content management.

I thought I’d be learning about writing and conducting interviews, which happened as well, but there were so many more levels to creating content than I expected. I never realized how much I would take back and apply to my personal blog.

If you’re interested in starting a blog, or simply updating the one you currently have, here are a few things I learned:

1. Branding and finding your niche is the most important thing.

Galore is successful, in part, due to its branding. All of the posts are about girl power, feminism, avoiding fuckboys, and becoming a girlboss. The photos, the writing, even the celebs they feature are super on brand.

When I first started my blog, I had no idea what my brand was. I was just writing because I loved it, and while I learned so much about blogging, that didn’t really attract an audience. Hence, I found a niche and rebranded.

2. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is super important.

I didn’t even pay attention to SEO prior to Galore. Actually, that’s wrong, I didn’t even know what SEO was prior to Galore.

Now, I have the Yoast SEO plugin installed on my WP. It lets me optimize how my posts show up on Facebook and Twitter, and lets me know when the readability of my posts needs some work. It also gives me a preview of how my post will show up for search engines. Honestly, if your blog doesn’t have Yoast, go install it!

3. Write multiple drafts.

Galore has completely changed my writing process. I used to be so excited to post that I would blurt out all of my thoughts — actual word vomit — and then post immediately. Now, I understand that it takes multiple drafts to get something out, and that’s okay. I write everything that I need to say in a draft and edit it relentlessly now, before I post.

4. Schedule things to be posted later, rather than posting sporadically.

I used to post a million things in three weeks, then get super busy for two weeks and leave my blog empty. Scheduling my posts means that even when I’m not actively blogging, my blog still appears active.

5. Write a headline that grabs readers.

The title is what will grab people so even if the content is amazing, nobody will even see it if you have an awful title. I’ll write out a working title and then keep reworking and rewriting it until it’s something other people want to read. You have to really consider what someone is going to click on, and consider making it appear differently on Twitter or Facebook, where there’s a description box to give further information. My friend Stephon also recommended this awesome Headline Analyzer and it’s my favorite thing.

6. Don’t stress, just write.

Before working at Galore, I felt so much pressure to always come out with the most amazing post ideas. Three days into my internship, the senior editor sent me an email reminding me she would rather see a million bad ideas than just one or two good ones, because she wants us to be actively pushing ourselves to write! Getting caught up in the thinking process just keeps you stagnant, and half the ideas you tell yourself are trash could actually be great. So get rid of the excuses and just write.

7. Always preview before you post.

Galore doesn’t want to publish anything haphazardly, so before I post anything my editor is encouraging me to preview my posts and see how they’ll appear when uploaded to the website. Sometimes there are formatting issues I didn’t notice until I checked the preview.

8. The featured image on a blog post has to hook people.

The image used for a post greatly alters how well the post does at Galore. It’s not just an arbitrary image, it has to the kind of thing that will stop people from scrolling when they see it on their timelines. I’m way more careful about selecting images for my website now and I’m hoping it shows now that I’ve rebranded.

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