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Want to start blogging but unsure where to start?

Why I’m In Love With Email Newsletters + Why Every Creative Should Be Too

First of all, I love email. I used the app to get me off any annoying mailing lists, so I only receive newsletters that I actually enjoy reading. Some of my favorites are (Net)work B*tch (for interviews with creatives and job postings), Moon + Quartz (for monthly horoscopes/moon guides) and those emails with job listings that […]

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5 Fatal Mistakes That Digital Creatives Make

As a creative myself, I wish I’d had someone to tell me all the times I was making mistakes with my website and business. When I first started Urban Moonflower, I was using a content management system that was trash for my SEO. My social media marketing was awful and I didn’t actively push my email […]

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How To Stay Organized As A Busy Blogger & Freelancer (+ FREE Power Planner)

As a full-time College student, intern, freelancer, and blogger, staying organized can feel impossible. Devoting time to my blog often means I’m sacrificing study time. When I need to be doing other things (for example: sleep), my brain is constructing new blog ideas because I have no idea when I’m getting everything done. I realized that being […]

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8 Things I Learned About Blogging As A Magazine Intern

As an intern at Galore, I learned a lot more than I expected to about content management. I thought I’d be learning about writing and conducting interviews, which happened as well, but there were so many more levels to creating content than I expected. I never realized how much I would take back and apply […]

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How Blogging Scored Me My Dream Internship

Although I was blogging on-and-off since I was in Junior High School, I didn’t dive into it seriously until I got my Associate’s degree. I graduated with a fully coded website from my final project and a renewed love for coding and writing. I had no idea how much I would learn about myself and my […]

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5 Coding, Web Design, & Blog Resources I Can’t Live Without

As much as College taught me about coding and web design, it’s nothing compared to what I’ve learned just browsing the internet. I mean, throw it back to our Myspace days when we became HTML/CSS geniuses just to make a custom top 8 and personalize our background. That’s not the kind of thing you need […]

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