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Website Development

Some of the featured websites I’ve created for projects and clients.

Left: Real Estate website where I was tasked with creating pages for listings, ways to contact the broker, and sections to highlight the individual agents. Above: Skin care website theme coded for WordPress.

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You can hire me to create a basic or advanced creative website, or a real estate website, that best serves your business.


Sonic Feminista Podcast
How women of color can focus on self care, especially considering our political climate & racial injustice.
Sonic Feminista Podcast
I talked to Sonic Feminsta about self care and racial injustice.
Sorry For The Inconvenience
I talked to the hosts of Sorry For The Inconvenience about feminism, cheerleading, and Dave Chappelle.


Bylines at: Creative Monday, The Things, Galore

Featured pieces I’ve published through various media platforms.

6 Common Vagina Myths Debunked
There is a complete double standard in our understanding of male reproductive organs versus female ones.
9 Things I Wish I Knew About Money Before I Graduated College
My first month of college, I wasted $1000.
A Black Makeup Scientist On Why Makeup For WOC Is Overlooked
As a woman of color, finding makeup in my shade has been a struggle.
A Leading Black Feminist Explains Misogynoir
We’re all aware of how prevalent misogyny is in our culture.
Chris Brown Is Still Harassing Karrueche And Everyone Still Thinks It's Romantic
We have to stop romanticizing Chris Brown’s behavior towards Karrueche Tran. Or worse, blaming Karrueche for it.
Cisgender Men Are Way More Dangerous To Women Than Trans People
Donald Trump has officially rolled back previous instruction that public schools allow trans men and women to use the bathroom pertaining to their gender identity.
Draya Michele Is A Woman Of Her Own Design
Draya Michele may have risen to fame on reality television but she has always been more than the woman represented on Basketball Wives LA.
Feminism Is For Black People, Too
As a whole, I can’t understand this misunderstanding of feminism when it’s easy to grasp types of oppression that aren’t gender-specific.
How Fatimah Asghar Got Out Of Her Own Head To Create Brown Girls
For all the women who never saw themselves represented in the stories on television, Brown Girls is the answer.
How Monica Style Muse Is Putting Afro Latina Beauty On The Map
Monica Style Muse is a bona fide beauty guru. She is a L’Oreal Brand Ambassador and with 95,000 YouTube followers, she also creates some bomb fashion, hair, and makeup videos.
How Signing A Purity Pact Ruined My Sex Life
When I was sixteen, I was a debutante. Yes, literally, with a white gown and etiquette lessons and everything. It was like the balls from Gossip Girl or the O.C, but with way less coordinated ballroom dancing.
How Teens Are Making Bank On Depop
Teenagers are taking thrifting to the next level using a mobile marketplace app called Depop.
How To Stop Judging Yourself For Being Single
Being in a relationship where you are loved and supported is pretty rad. But as much as many of us would love to experience that, we need to abandon the idea that we need it.
How You Can Learn To Code & Get That Tech Shmoney
Technology is a male-dominated industry, that’s for sure. But it’s also one of the fastest growing industries in the world — and the pay is ridiculous. Plus, it’s fun.
I'm An Angry Feminist And IDGAF
People give feminism a bad rap and I have no idea why. After all, it’s not like we’re asking for the world. Maybe a little (read: complete) restructuring of our society, a shift in our gender expectations, but the world? That’s only on the menu if men already have it.
If You Venmo This Comedian, She'll Forgive Your Casual Racism
Milly Tamarez has made it super easy to obtain wokeness.
It's Not Too Late To Start A Tech Career And Make Bank
Here’s some good news for any liberal arts majors who have no idea what to do with their lives: a tech career is more within reach than you might think.
Let This Beauty Blogger Explain What Arranged Marriage Is Really Like
Sharifa Easmin is a Bangladeshi-American beauty vlogger who’s slaying the Youtube and Instagram game.
Magical Melanin: 24 Black Women Who Are Killing It Right Now
Black women are truly under-appreciated. But whether they’re grabbing Oscar nominations or becoming CEOs, they continue to slay every day and make no apologies for it.
Meet North Carolina's First Tans Homecoming Queen
18 year-old Selena Milian is making history as the first transgender homecoming Queen to be crowned in her home state of North Carolina.
No, Bisexual People Don't Have To 'Pick A Side'
Bisexuality feels like being torn between two separate worlds.
No, You Don't Need To Settle For A Broke Boyfriend
There’s a new trend on social media and it’s really pissing us off: memes that encourage girls and women to date guys who are flat broke and “hold them down” until they come into their own.
Taking Back Our Power As WOC
My biggest struggle this year has been learning the balance between fighting for social justice and maintaining my own sense of peace.
This Woman Turned A Viral Black History Tweet Into $10,000 And A Media Outlet
Elexus Jionde is the “classy ratchet” who drops black history facts and sexy selfies at the same damn time.
Why Conservatives Lie About Violence In The Inner Cities
I’m really sick of hearing about the inner city as if it’s a collective of black gang members and drug dealers.
Why I Don't Use The N Word Anymore As A Black Woman
I haven’t used the n-word in almost a year now. As a Black person, you never notice how much you say it until you decide to stop.


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