The Inescapability of Social Media’s Sexual Violence Discourse

  • PublicationBitch Media

Last week, Harvey Weinstein was finally found guilty of two felony sex crimes. Today, Weinstein was sentenced to 23 years in prison. The case has had such a negative impact on my mental health that I wasn’t actively following it, but I knew the verdict was coming. After all, there was a Twitter moment dedicated to his trial, my friends were constantly posting about it, and his face has been splashed across every news media site. Since the surge of the #MeToo movement, details about Weinstein’s crimes, the ever-growing list of accusations against him, and the countless attempts to silence his victims are unavoidable: For anyone who’s either active on social media or closely following the news in general, Weinstein updates will find you, whether or not you want them. But these updates aren’t always about either Weinstein’s crimes and the progress of the criminal cases against him. …

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