Reclaiming Sexy

“In a culture that disguises sex negativity as morality, women/femmes are shamed for being sexual beings. Our pleasure isn’t centered in narratives about sexuality, although female pain and male pleasure certainly is.”

Introducing: Reclaiming Sexy, a sexuality workbook.


As we step into the new year, focusing on sexual healing is important. We prioritize physical and mental wellness but our sexual bodies deserve care too.

Writing and journaling have been my most useful tools for wellness. I use specific exercises to understand my personal sexuality against the backdrop of a sex negative, patriarchal society. Writing has helped me heal from trauma, create (and stick to!) my goals, and create long-lasting change.

“Words are spells. That’s why we call it spelling.” – Princess Nokia

I teamed up with sex writer, educator, and podcaster Cameron Glover to create this very special project. It’s 20 pages of journaling, visualization, and social media prompts to help women/femmes reclaim their sexy in 2019. And it’s completely free!


Together, lets review what sexuality looked like for us in 2018 and set intentions for a sexy 2019.

While this book is meant to be completed during the first seven days of 2019, you can jump into these exercises at any time. You can also revisit them year-round, whenever you need to recalibrate. This workbook will remain the same but as your relationship to your sexuality shifts, so will your answers.

Here’s a taste…


Reclaiming Sexy will hopefully address where you feel disconnected from your sexuality. You don’t have to see yourself as a sexy/sexual being to enjoy this book. You don’t need to have a partner to love this work — and we embrace solo sexuality as much as we embrace partnered sexuality. Most importantly, we want you to reclaim “sexy” outside of performance, outside of what society has told you that it is. It is time to acknowledge your sexual sovereignty.

Start here.

Stock imagery provided by nappy.co — a website with high-res stock photography of black and brown people.

As you move through the workbook, use the hashtag #ReclaimingSexy to connect with Cameron and I, and others using this resource. We’ll be doing the exercises live on Instagram from January 1st to January 7th 2019 — and sharing some of our favorite #ReclaimingSexy content.

You can also see this work via mine and Cameron‘s personal Instagram accounts. Feel free to send us a DM or even email me at gabby [at] gabriellealexa.com!

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For any writing inquiries, brand collaboration, or speaking/hosting, you can find me at gabby [a] gabriellealexa.com!

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