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Gabrielle has bylines in Bitch Media, Lady Science, Playboy, LGBTQ Nation, Slate, the Huffington Post, Elle, Galore, and other publications. For her blog about tech/coding, find her on Medium: @gabalexa.

Here are some examples of her writing organized by topic:


For Swipe Life: I Asked 6 People I Dated Where I Went Wrong And You Should Try It, TBH

For Swipe Life: 7 Relationship Rules Poly People Live By

For Bellesa: Here’s How Dating Is Different When You’re Polyamorous

For Swipe Life: Dating Burnout Is Real. This Is How You Overcome It

For Swipe Life: Here’s What Interracial Dating Is Like In The Trump Era

For Galore: How To Stop Judging Yourself For Being Single

For Bellesa: Any Guy Who Asks ‘Would You Let Your Girl Go Out Like That?’ Can GTFO

For Swipe Life: Don’t Ask Me For A Threesome To Make Your Boyfriend Happy

For Galore: Why Guys Suck At Apologizing

Consent/Sexual Violence

For Bitch Media: The Inescapability of Social Media’s Sexual Violence Discourse

For Playboy: On R. Kelly and the Forgotten Survivors of #MeToo

For Bellesa: #MeToo ignores that women of color navigate sexual assault differently

For the Independent: If Louis CK can come back to a standing ovation, has #MeToo really changed anything?

For Bellesa: Consent Doesn’t Ever Resemble The Phrase ‘I Guess’

Bisexuality/Sexual Identity

For LGBTQ Nation: The Harlem Renaissance Was As Queer As It Was Black

For Lady Science: Why Do We Keep Studying Sexual Orientation?

For Go Magazine: What It Means To Celebrate Juneteenth and Pride In The Same Month

For Swell: Busting Harmful Myths About Bisexuality

For Vice: Why Everyone Is Obsessed With Ariana Grande’s Bicurious Songs

For Slate: For Bi+ Folks, Therapy Can Be Radical Self-Care. But Only if Mental Health Providers Affirm Our Identities.

For the Black Youth Project: The story of Black queer women imprisoned for defending themselves to reminds us this criminal system cannot save us

For Bellesa: Here’s why coming out is a unique struggle for bisexual women

For Swipe Life: Why PDA Means So Much To Me, As A Queer Woman

For Hello Giggles: Shattering my family’s culture of shame as a queer Caribbean woman

For Into: Bisexual Women Are Not Your Fantasy

For Swipe Life: What It’s Like Explaining the Gender & Sexuality of My Partners To My Parents

For Swipe Life: How Internalized Biphobia Ruined My First Tinder Date

For Swipe Life: Bi+ Girls Don’t Have To Pick A Side — But It’s Ok If They Do

For Killer and a Sweet Thang: Stop Pretending That Bi+ Women Exist For You

For Elle: Here’s How I Learned To Stop Performing My Bisexuality And Start Actually Living It

For Swipe Life: For Queer Women, Is There Truth To The Uhauling Stereotype?


For Galore: Amber Tamblyn Directed Her First Movie In Just 21 Days

For Galore: How Fatimah Asghar Got Out Of Her Own Head To Create Brown Girls

For Galore: Draya Michele Is A Woman Of Her Own Design

For Galore: A Leading Black Feminist Explains Misogynoir (Moya Bailey)

For Galore: How Monica Style Muse Is Putting Afro-Latina Beauty On The Map

For Galore: Let This Beauty Blogger Explain What Arranged Marriage Is Really Like

For Galore: This Woman Turned A Viral Tweet Into $10,000 And A Media Outlet

For Galore: If You Venmo This Comedian, She’ll Forgive Your Casual Racism

Gender Equality

For Galore: Cisgender Men Are Way More Dangerous To Women Than Trans People

For Bellesa: The difference between objectification and women’s empowerment

For Galore: I’m an Angry Feminist And IDGAF

For Galore: We Need To Stop Using “Self Respect” As An Excuse For Slut Shaming

Racial Identity/Politics

For Huffington Post: Greek Life Needs To Take Racism As Seriously As It Takes Hazing

For Galore: How To Love Your Natural Hair When Society Tells You Otherwise

For Galore: Why Conservatives Lie About Violence In The Inner Cities

On Medium: Enslaved Black People Were Too Dope For Ya’ll To Play Them Like This

Solo and Partnered Sexuality

For Swipe Life: My High School Purity Pact Messed Me Up — And That’s How I Know Virginity Is A Scam

For The Independent: Miley Cyrus is right — there’s no such thing as virginity

For Bellesa: Here’s how we’ve normalized painful sex and why it’s problematic

For Bellesa: Yes, your vagina does have a taste (and no, it’s not fruity)

For Bellesa: Why Are 54% Of Women Still Hiding Their Sex Toys From Their Partners?

For Bellesa: Enough About The Orgasm Gap — There’s A Masturbation Gap Too!

For Galore: 6 Common Vagina Myths Debunked

For Galore: How My High School Purity Pact Ruined My Sex Life

For Wear Your Voice: What A Sex Resort Taught Me About Shame


For any writing inquiries, brand collaboration, or speaking/hosting, you can find me at gabby [a] gabriellealexa.com!

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