Selected Writing

Gabrielle has bylines in Slate, the Huffington Post, Elle, Galore, and other publications. Here are some selected examples of her writing organized by topic. You can find her full portfolio here.

Consent/Sexual Assault

If Louis CK can come back to a standing ovation, has #MeToo really changed anything?

Apprehensive Consent: Does It Count As Rape?

Consent Doesn’t Ever Resemble The Phrase ‘I Guess’

#MeToo ignores that women of color navigate sexual assault differently


A Leading Black Feminist Explains Misogynoir

The difference between objectification and women’s empowerment

I’m an Angry Feminist And IDGAF

How To Stop Judging Yourself For Being Single

We Need To Stop Using “Self Respect” As An Excuse For Slut Shaming

Ashley Graham and Adowah Aboah Revolutionize How To Live Boldly

Any Guy Who Asks ‘Would You Let Your Girl Go Out Like That?’ Can GTFO

Bisexuality/Sexual Identity

For Bi+ Folks, Therapy Can Be Radical Self-Care. But Only if Mental Health Providers Affirm Our Identities.

The story of Black queer women imprisoned for defending themselves to reminds us this criminal system cannot save us

Here’s why coming out is a unique struggle for bisexual women

Why PDA Means So Much To Me, As A Queer Woman

Shattering my family’s culture of shame as a queer Caribbean woman

Bisexual Women Are Not Your Fantasy

What It’s Like Explaining the Gender & Sexuality of My Partners To My Parents

How Internalized Biphobia Ruined My First Tinder Date

Here’s How Global Tragedy And the LGBTQ+ Community Are Intimately Connected

Stop Pretending That Bi+ Women Exist For You

Here’s How I Learned To Stop Performing My Bisexuality And Start Actually Living It

The Loneliness Of The Bisexual Woman

Solo and Partnered Sexuality

Here’s how we’ve normalized painful sex and why it’s problematic

Yes, your vagina does have a taste (and no, it’s not fruity)

Vaginal Shame Is Real And It Can Really Impact Your Health

The Orgasm Gap — Just Like The Pay Gap, But With Sex

Why Are 54% Of Women Still Hiding Their Sex Toys From Their Partners?


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